The Lukács Archive and Library was established in 1971, shortly after the death of Georg Lukács. Since it was founded in Lukács’s apartment on the 5th floor of Belgrád rkp.2. and preserved the philosopher’s library, manuscripts and correspondence where he had lived, it was a research venue and a museum at the same time. Until it could work with a certain amount of independence (as an institution of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences/HAS), the archive published numerous earlier unpublished Lukácsian works, it secured the philological-scholarly background for new editions of Lukács’s works, it took care of several book series and, of course, served the researchers who visited it. The archive’s functioning was first hindered by financial restrictions, later by political hostility: in 2012 its scientific employees were removed with an absurd bureaucratic argumentation, and in 2016 the Academy declared the intention to dissolve the archive.